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High Potential Leadership Development Solution

Critical Issue

Leadership Succession
  • Who will drive your business beyond its present limits?
  • Who will push your organization to new horizons of expansion?
  • Who will move beyond operational management into strategic thinking?
  • Leadership?


Consider the High Potential Development Solution

It is an 18-month course designed to harness high potential individuals and leaders to the full, preparing them for advancement to the next generation of leaders.

It creates strategic thinkers who are disciplined; who are armed with high competence; who are able to orchestrate the synergistic whole; who are able to plan beyond the horizon and execute flawlessly.

Academic rigor plus totality and intergration of content, tempered through real-world challenge: an ironclad expectation to demonstrate the ability to plan for and achieve business expectations at a given executive level.

Ready to lead the business.

 Customer Centric and Customized

While based on tried and true principles of business education, the High Potential Leadership Development solution will be tailored to meet the specific environment and requirements of your business.

Its content will be tailored to your specific needs and aligned to your organization's vision, values, mission and strategy.

 Modular Approach

  • Pre-Reading
  • Bringing the Context in the Classroom

  • Experiental
  • Context Driven

  • Workplace Utilization
  • Assessment (Kirkpatrick Level 3 and/or 4)



Prior to Joinning
  • Measuring Leadership Potential
  • Measuring Current Ability
  • Identify the Gap between Current Ability and Potential
During the Development Process
  • Academic Assessment
  • On the Job Assessment
    • Summative
    • Formative


The degree is conferred by the Newcastle Business School of Northumbria University UK – a UK centre of excellence in business and management education.

Master of Science in Corporate Leadership
is aimed at developing high potential senior leaders within the organization's talent pool towards a C-level position ~ corporate leaders reporting to the CEO
It will focus on enhancing their strategic leadership skills towards a C-level role

Master of Science in Business Leadership
is aimed at developing high potential leaders within the organization's talent pool towards a senior leadership position ~ leaders of leaders. It will focus on enhancing their initial leadership ability and capability towards a more senior position, with an increased focus on a strategic perspective, rather than operational.

Master of Science in Business Leadership & Management
is aimed at developing high potential individuals within the organization's talent pool towards a first leadership position ~ leaders of individual contributors.
It will focus both on developing their leadership capcability, as well as their 'first line manager' capability.

The High Potential Leadership Development Solutions Cater to Four Levels Within the Organization:

The training conducted by Imperial Consulting is eligible for HRDF claims under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) scheme

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